A look back – A presentation about our homepages

I thought I’d take a look through an old presentation I was asked to give at a web editors forum over a year ago. We were asked to present what we do on our homepages and why we do what we do. I hope to summarise the general points of the presentation below.

Why do we spend time on homepages?

  • Defines clear calls to action
  • What are our target audiences
  • Content drivers
  • We play a key role in student recruitment
  • We are aware that resourcing can have an impact

Bounce rates

“We would consider a bounce rate of below 30% to be good”. Wilkinson Moore web design

Over a twelve month period we assessed our homepage page bounce rate and we felt this was an indication of how well our pages and content performed.

School of Bounce rate Overall site visits
Business 23% 253,000
Social Policy 24% 78,000
Education 27% 94,000
Government & Society 20% 132,000

As you can see from the figures above, our hard work pays off.

Importance of relevant content

homepage and content

image courtesy of Nathan Johnson


A friend and colleague of mine (Nathan Johnson) summed up the importance of having good content to reference on your homepage to drive traffic through your site through the image above. It’s pretty self explanatory; good content makes a good homepage and a homepage will send visitors through to your content.

Key target audience


The image above shows our target audiences can find where they need to navigate to if they happen to come through to our homepages.

Feel free to get in touch if you wanted to take a look at our presentation or if there are any other questions you might have.

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