A new audience for new staff profiles

Thumbnails of new staff photos

One of our regular September tasks is the creation of staff profiles for new academics in time for the start of the academic year. Reading the profiles sparks ideas for future collaborations, news stories and video features we might create.

For the first time this year we pulled together a list of all the new staff profiles we’ve created. We produced two different versions of the same list. In the simple version you see the name, department and photograph of each new academic. The expanded version also pulls in their research interests from their staff profiles.

Uses for such a list include:

  • Academics within the university can see the research interests of new colleagues for potential collaboration
  • Various professional services staff (eg Alumni office, Press, Research office) can do likewise
  • We can identify any gaps – individuals/departments are more likely to notice that someone is missing

There are many ‘Business as usual’ tasks a web team needs to do make their site function properly, but they can be overlooked in comparison to the shiny and exciting one-off projects. It’s good to find new ways to surface that work.



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