Adding captions to our university Facebook videos

I’ve written previously about why we transcribe our videos for YouTube. I got the opportunity this week to look at how to get captions on to our Facebook videos.

Less options than YouTube

With YouTube we can upload a plain text file (or more often nowadays, just copy and paste) and YouTube syncs the text to the video for us so that the captions play on screen at the right time.

Facebook¬†won’t do this for us. It requires a .srt file to be uploaded. That’s a text file that also includes timestamps for each set of captions. It looks like this:

Screenshot of a .srt file

Getting the .srt for free

This would be time-consuming to create ourselves but, fortunately, I was able to go to YouTube for the solution again. When you ask YouTube to sync your text file to the video, it creates its own .srt file for you. Which you can then download from YouTube and upload to Facebook.

You get the file from the cc edit options from your video in YouTube.

Downloading a .srt file from YouTube

Once you’ve renamed the file with the correct naming convention ( you can add it to your video on Facebook.

Captions displaying on YouTube



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