Advertising your MBA – consider the gender differences

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Every so often we decide to overhaul the online campaigns across our MBA sites.

Most universities will focus on promoting what they do well as an institution and what they can offer to the student experience. Rightly so in most cases, but when recruiting business professionals other factors need to be considered. Recruiting more females onto an MBA course is a great way to increase recruitment. I have heard many instance where institutions have pondered through their recruitment material wondering why they are not seeing more applications from female candidates. What they are missing, is the blindingly obvious key to what could help them recruit more females. Is this because females are not applying to become senior managers or is it because the courses are not being promoted in the right way?

Research has previously existed to explain the gender differences among entrepreneurs and offered various explanations as to why female and male entrepreneurs differ. Women and men who share similar business and academic backgrounds still tend to have different career motivators. Studies have shown that men seek wealth and economic advancement whilst women are less motivated by wealth creation and advancement reasons tend to view career transition as an important factor. Knowing this allowed us to tailor our online promotional material to those looking to apply for an MBA.



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