Content-aware scaling for mobile phone photos (and a bonus grammar tip)

I’ve been vaguely aware of content-aware scaling since it was rolled out by Photoshop a few years ago. But until this week I don’t think I’d ever used it.

We’ve been stepping up efforts to get better documentation of research events by participants themselves. This often comes in the form of mobile phone photography, which is often shot in portrait.

While ideally this wouldn’t be a problem, our CMS content templates work much better with landscape-oriented images [Bonus grammar tip – I referred to the Guardian Style Guide here for oriented vs orientated].

Here’s the original image I was working with:Portrait original

Cropping from the bottom of the image got me nearer to landscape:

Cropped from below

It was the gap in the middle that made me turn to Photoshop. Using Content-Aware-Scale I was able to fit the image to the orientation I wanted.

Image after content-aware-scale

It’s far from perfect, with some unsightly artefacting on the screen, but I’m glad I got the chance to finally try it out.

Here’s the Lynda video I referred to before trying this:




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