Do you display corporate social responsibility?


Consumers want to believe their purchase decision will have some effect on social and environmental issues and they would hope the brands/businesses/institutions will have similar beliefs.

84% of consumers globally claimed to seek out responsible products whenever possible.

A recent global study of consumers attitudes, perceptions and behaviours found that nine in ten consumers wanted companies to act more responsibly towards society and the environment. This trend covered 10,000 individuals through the US, Canada, Brazil, UK, Germany, France, China, India and Japan.

As these beliefs span many cultures, universities should consider how they define their responsibilities when advertising their brands and marketing materials to their international audience. If we continue to consider potential students as consumers, their purchase decision making process should be considered.

Many universities and schools are cottoning on to the fact there is now more choice when picking an institution to study at. My belief is that the more universities try to position themselves and their brands as identities, consumers will start to make decisions not only on quality, but how responsible they are. Identifying with a responsible message can also differentiate institutions.

CSR is a boon to brand reputation and affinity and is also a powerful differentiator at the register, as 90% of global consumers would switch brands to one that is associated with a good cause, given similar price or quality.

Whilst working with one school, they decided to advertise themselves at the heart of society and therefore giving the notion, they act responsibly towards their immediate community. Their strapline is “People at the heart of business and business at the heart of society”.

The big question here is, do we as digital advertisers ever talk about our institutions moral beliefs? If not, why not? This is something we should do more of if we are to be considered civic engagers.



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