Faculty away days as a photography opportunity

Academics in conversation

We’ve been working on a project for a particular department aimed at extending their database of available images for print and online. We plan to photograph as many different types of events relating to the department as we can in a three month period.

This often means turning up at speaking events where we can photograph one (in a case of a lecture), maybe a few (in the case of a conference) of their academics. It’s time-consuming but worthwhile.

This week we hit on a quick and easy way to get active photos of lots of their academics at the same time – by attending part of their departmental away day. Most away days of this size will involve group discussions at some point, and this makes an ideal opportunity to photograph groups of academics in animated conversation with each other. These photos can then be used to illustrate departmental webpages and news stories relating to the individuals.

We’ll be searching out these opportunities more in the future.

Demonstrating with a laptop

A gallery of images



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