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After a lengthy time away on extended paternity leave, I feel now is the time to start back with UATW.

I have always been interested in how different audiences respond and view content and have always held the belief that there are deep underlying differences in persona between Android users and iOS enthusiasts.

It turns out, there is now evidence to suggest there are differences. A recent study has confirmed iOS users come across more video advertising compared to Andriod users.

39% of iPhone users saw video ads almost every day compared to just 25% of Android users. The difference was slightly smaller on tablets, however, where 41% of iPad users saw video ads every day or most days, compared with 33% for Android users.

A similar picture emerged as regards static advertising: 39% of iOS users saw static ads most days, well ahead of the figure for Android users at 28%.

This exposure to advertising could go someway into explaining why iPhone users were more likely to make purchases using their device. The figures came in at 57%  for iPhone compared to 40% for android.

Arguments could be made that when targeting consumers, or in our case potential students, we should pay attention to not only sources of traffic but the devices used to enter our sites. We could target our ads more effectively and ensure ads are easier to be seen for our Android users.

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