How and why to undertake competitor analysis

competitor analysis

Something I regularly encourage our team to do is to continually view our competitors sites. This can serve as inspiration, but it can also serve as confirmation that we are in fact performing well. In order to complete analysis effectively I thought it would be useful to highlight some points as to why we should complete analysis of other websites and how we should go about the analysis. Following the tips below should provide you with a valuable end result to such an undertaking.

Why complete the analysis?

  • Looking for ways to improve performance of site or looking for additional ways to benchmark.
  • Main goal is to inform marketing strategy and plans.
  • Focus on actionable insights.
  • Ask, what are we going to do after this work?

Who to compare against?

  • Sites found in the natural/paid search results or for keywords you wish to be found.
  • Russell group competitors?

What to analyse?

  • Homepage – how informative is the homepage? Does it set proper context for the visitor? Too much multimedia? How fast does it load?
  • Navigation – Is it consistent? Local navigation?
  • Site organisation – Is it easy to understand?
  • Search results – Is the site easy to understand?
  • Readability
  • Content – Is there sufficient depth and breadth? Does the content match what our market research has suggested?

What should we compare?

  • Site rankings and site traffic estimations
  • Which keywords are they ranking for?
  • What is the estimated traffic

Search engine friendliness

  • What is their website speed?
  • More accessibility

Site marketing performance

  • Do they have a blog?
  • Do they have downloads? (audio)
  • Do they use video?
  • What conversion points do they have? (contact, live chat, email, phone)

Social media performance

  • Which social networks are they on?
  • What reach do they have on key networks ?
  • What are their most shared pages?

Key calls to action

  • What is the key call to action on the homepages?
  • What are the calls to action shown across the site?
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