How we produce high quality images for live tweeting university events

We held a Community Festival on campus last weekend and I photographed the event. I needed high quality images that could be used in print and online in the future, but I also wanted photographs that I could share instantly on social media.

These two needs could be considered conflicting. A mobile phone is ideal for sharing images immediately, but even the best lenses on mobiles struggle in the two main scenarios I was photographing – speakers in the dim light of a lecture theatre, and performers on a distant stage.

A happy dongle. Apple's Lightning to USB Camera Adapter.

I used a Canon DSRL with a long zoom lens. It’s pretty straightforward, but often overlooked, that you can connect a camera like this to your mobile phone.

Apple’s customers may only review it as 3/5, but their Lightning to USB Camera Adapter is one of the most useful things I own. I have it on me at all times.

This allows me to connect a professional camera directly to my phone, importing the images and then sharing them through the Twitter/Instagram native apps on iOS.

A camera connected to an iphone


There’s plenty of circumstances where using the in-built camera on your mobile phone is the right choice, but when you have a high profile and the chance to plan ahead, this is an ideal set up for instant sharing without compromising on quality.




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