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Editing our graduation video in FCPXWe’ve been filming interviews during graduations for several years now [see The Real Deal! Graduation footage used in latest Coca-Cola campaign]. This year we introduced the creation of social media trailers into our output.

Our video post-production is quick but with multiple graduation ceremonies following one after the other for several days, we want a way to provide content on the day of the event without sacrificing the time needed to get the longer version right.

We always start interviews with graduating students with the question ‘How does it feel to be graduating today?’. It’s an easy introduction that relaxes the interviewee and invariably garners an enthusiastic response.

However positive the answers given, we’ve often found that they’re unnecessary in the final video – a compilation of more detailed answers about the course, our teaching staff and the study environment.

So, this year, on the day of filming we quickly edited the answers to this initial question together and released the published video immediately on social media through YouTube and Twitter. The 90 mins turnaround from filming through editing to publishing meant there were interviewees still celebrating in their gowns on campus by the time their reactions were being shared online. You can see the result below, I like the ending where we caught our graduate’s reaction to hearing the clock tower for the last time.

When the full edited video of the interviews was published a week later, we didn’t even include the answers to the ‘How do you feel today?’ question. This finished video is intended for use beyond social media and on our more recruitment-focused platforms – our online prospectus and emails to applicants.



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