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One of the greatest things about working for a university in the area that we do, is that one of the rewards in being proactive in our search for research to promote, is the sense of achievement and accomplishment we feel once we have received reassurance that this gem of a story we have unearthed could go ‘mainstream’!

The mundane monotony of sometimes pedestrian academic insight that bears little obvious relevance to the everyday person is common place in some fields. However, on some occassions, little nuggets of research strays across to walk on the innovative side of the street far away from the usual routine.

Without trying to belittle to importance of our academic research, I often wondered whether our institution would ever conduct a research project that would strike some relevance to one of my favourite hobbies.  Who would have thought that an economics department would have ever been conducting research about referees in Premier League football?

To test the popularity of the piece, we looked into the stats of the page. Since going live, the page received over 2,000 views. This is a high number in comparison to other research project stories. After being informed of the popularity of the piece, we decided to forward it on to our press office who also distributed the story. Shortly after it featured in the Guardian, titled –
Premier League referee decisions can be led by player background, study says, Discrimination is not deliberate, claim university researchers, but is an unconscious association with social groups.

In order for us to find research that will resonate amongst the public, we need to be enthused and have a clear idea of what we are trying to achieve by releasing the research findings further than the limits of the campus. This will all come down to having a clear understanding of your audiences and tracking your analytics to assess if your piece is in fact striking an interest with passing traffic to your site.

The example I have decided to use is not particularly groundbreaking, but it does offer a break from the norm and offer a different insight into the very academic, stuffy humdrum research that does prevail. It is pieces like this that will allow marketers to break new ground and capture alternative audiences when promoting their universities and their research across a multitude of websites (not just their own research sites).


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