We graduate in winter as well

Graduation in Winter

When asked to produce a graduation video this December we were at first reluctant. Our quick response video in the summer was well received, but winter can make for a very different experience.

Our main concern (well-founded based on previous experience!), was low temperatures resulting in cold interviewees. But unseasonably warm (make that unseasonably mild) weather last week allowed us the chance to produce this video which received 20,000 views within two days on Facebook:

[BTW – I didn’t realise you could embed a video from Twitter like this, I usually embed the whole tweet]

We’re happy with the results, here’s a few tips for working in the winter:

  • Prepare yourself for the cold – make sure your camera crew are well wrapped up if they’re going to be standing around
  • Your interviewees are going to be colder than usual, so work quickly and don’t keep them waiting any longer than they need to
  • Make a virtue of the time of year – we included footage of a christmas tree to add context

I’m glad we took the opportunity to do this – it’s a good reminder for us that it’s the excitement and positivity of the graduates and their families that make these videos work, and that’s true whatever time of year.



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