What goals should we set on course pages?

The topic of goal setting within Google Analytics came up in a meeting this morning.

Goals can be used to measure how well your website is performing and how well it is meeting marketing objectives. Goals identify an action carried out on a page that you would want your consumer to make. Goals categories can be divided into the following:

  • Revenue
  • Acquisition
  • Inquiry
  • Engagement

An example goal would be to set the submission of a contact form as your goal for lead generation.

Google analytics

It is important to think about the purpose of the goal you set on a page as this will help inform your analytics plan and give you numbers of conversions and allow for better insight into the behaviour of you visitors.

With this in mind, we startedĀ discussing what goals should be set up for a course page on a university website.

The usual goals came up; apply button, request prospectus, but could more be tracked?

Should we consider setting the promotional film that sits at the top of the page as a goal? This film probably took a lot of time to film and edit, so would it be worth checking to see if it works? Does the course catalogue need goals created so we identify whether the course listing is fulfilling its purpose? If the module listing is a real sales piece to your course page, should we track this tab to see if its positioning on the page is correct?

It would be interesting to identify what others perceive as importantĀ goals on a course page. After all, these types of pages are not in keeping with traditional eCommerce websites.


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